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The number of complaints we have received by our applicants who have been defrauded by companies who convincingly masquerade as VFS Global have increased these days. Last year we received complaints from about 20 of our applicants saying that they were defrauded through some websites claiming to be in connection with the website of VFS Global.


It was detected that the following methods were used in the frauds made on the websites that 19 of those applicants were referred to.


1.    Such websites appear as the first pages when applicants enter the name VFS Global in search bars. Thus, it is highly recommended not to credit ‘advertisement’ pages.


2.    Such websites declare themselves as if they are agencies for VFS Global. Therefore, we also constantly check such websites to make sure that they do not publish similar declarations.


3.    Our applicants tend to call the first number they reach on Google especially when they are in a rush. People on the other hand of such phone numbers introduce themselves as VFS and defraud our applicants.


4.    Our applicants find out that they were defrauded and that those people had no connection with VFS Global only when they show up at our visa application centers for their appointments and of course after paying fees varying from 125 TL to 250 TL.


5.    In some cases, applicants say that they paid all the fees and received a feedback telling them that their applications were rejected. However, in reality, the files given to those fraudsters by the applicants never made it to the consulate. The most important point that our valuable applicants should pay attention to is that VFS Global is the only authorized organization who can receive applications by the country representations published on our website.


Crediting such fraudsters is highly unfavorable especially when it comes to the safety of our applicants’ personal information.

We also initiated a legal action against all such cases, and this announcement has been passed in order to prevent our most distinguished applicants from experiencing similar victimizations or to inform them as to what they can do if they’ve already been through such victimizations.


•    VFS Global or Gateway has no agencies. We directly operate in our branches published on our website. Please do not give credit to those asking a payment from you by claiming that they are our agencies and that they will check your application documents and arrange your appointments. Such persons and companies have no relationship and connection with our company.


•    It is enough to contact our call center to get an appointment with us. There is no need for any intermediary, and no extra payment is asked from you for this. Such declarations and instructions are ill-intentioned activities carried out to get money from you.


•    Please do not hesitate to share this warning with your family members or friends who are thinking to make a visa application. In the event that such persons or companies not having any relationship or connection with our company asked you to pay money to them and that you made that payment with good intentions, you can take the following actions:  


1.    Filing a complaint so that a criminal suit can be filed against the people who defrauded you:


•    You can submit a complaint petition to your local public prosecution office and ask for those people to be punished. (Please click here for sample complaint petition.)


•    Attach your evidence and documents to your complaint petition.


•    If you share with our customer services the investigation number to be given to you upon submitting your complaint petition, we will get back to you after discussing the issue with our legal department to learn how we can help you.


•    Plus, with that complaint, you will contribute to preventing others from getting defrauded.


1.    Applying to the Arbitration Committee for Consumer Problems for the refund of the money you paid:


•    You can write a petition to your local Arbitration Committee for Consumer Problems and ask them to make that company refund your money.


•    You can find a sample petition at arbitration committees. All you have to do is to fill out your details and tell about the incident. Do not forget to attach your evidence and documents to your petition.


•    Plus, with that petition, you will contribute to preventing others from getting defrauded.




Have a nice day.

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